Why Should You Switch To Cornstarch Containers?

Author : Cynthia Jones
Update time : 2022-08-16 17:46:54
  The Canadian government has announced a ban on disposable plastics by the end of 2021, so if your business is currently using disposable plastics, it is the time to switch to alternatives. We highly recommend cornstarch containers. Cornstarch has dominated the packaging industry for the past few years because of its plastic-like properties! That's why we highly recommend cornstarch containers.Read on to learn how you can replace plastic packaging with corn starch!

  What is cornstarch container?
  First we need to understand what cornstarch containers are, you may have seen or used cornstarch containers in your daily life! It can be clear or opaque and is a direct replacement for polystyrene. It is suitable for items with limited uses, such as takeaway food packaging. Examples include: cutlery, bowls, straws, cups (hot and cold), trays, lids, bags, plates, and other food storage containers. If disposed of properly, these materials will decompose into carbon dioxide and water within a few months.

Cornstarch Containers  There are many benefits to using corn starch compared to traditional plastics. The most important point is that it is a renewable material because the main raw material used is corn, which is cheap and readily available. Likewise, because corn starch is 100% biodegradable, it can be reused as an agricultural fertilizer. In turn, it is less likely to cause pollution to the environment.

  Compared with traditional plastics, cornstarch packaging does not contain harmful toxins such as polyvinyl chloride and releases fewer greenhouse gases during production. As a result, it is safer to produce because it does not require the use of petroleum products and is cost competitive.In addition to its benefits, it is also very versatile. An interesting fact, did you know that cornstarch containers are edible? Although, this is not its recommended use, it is perfectly safe if children or pets accidentally eat cornstarch containers.

  Why Switch to Cornstarch Containers?
  Cornstarch packaging can be very beneficial to the environment and your business. First, by switching to cornstarch, you can improve your brand by positioning yourself as a socially responsible and eco-friendly company. As a result, you can expect an increase in overall marketability, as you will effectively attract environmentally conscious customers.

  In the same way, you can achieve greater relevance in your industry because you can successfully keep up with the latest packaging trends related to sustainability. Most importantly, given that governments are actively trying to enforce bans on disposable plastics, there is little room for companies to continue using traditional plastics, as restrictions will continue to increase. By making the switch early, you can gain a competitive advantage as your products and services will stand out from your competitors who are still using traditional plastics!

  While it may seem like everyone uses the same plain packaging, you can still make yourself stand out by customizing your packaging Using eco-friendly vegetable inks, you can easily customize your packaging to make yourself stand out!

Hydepackage Green Takeaway Cornstarch Food Containers Videos From YouTube

  Interested in learning more? Please click below to contact us. We offer the latest customizable cornstarch containers that can help make your business more eco-friendly and make your business stand out.For more information, pictures, videos, reviews, and buyer-manufacturer solutions about Cornstarch Containers, please feel free to consult us!
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